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With online searches for ‘floral aesthetic’ doubling, UK homes are ripe for rewilding. And it can boost your mental health too

Poppies, hollyhocks and the lesser known moon carrot are spreading their way across rugs, fabrics and furniture this autumn as a national obsession with rewilding plays out in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens across Britain.


Your mum is ill, you’re divorcing your children’s father and there’s a new boyfriend in the mix. You need a routine to help you divide your time wisely

I live with my teenage children and my mum, who had to move in because of ill health, having lost my dad a few years ago. My divorce goes through next week – I’ve been separated for a year – and I have a new partner who I met at work. Working full-time means I’m juggling home and family life. It’s a constant cycle, as many people will know.

Never show your kids weakness … and other parenting myths, debunked Is screen time really that bad? Should you swear in front of your kids? And is it possible to undo your mistakes? Experts tackle the big parenting questions of our time

Don’t post pictures of your children online FALSE There’s a difference, says the psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, author of What Your Teen Is Trying to Tell You, between creating interesting content, and being an excessive over-poster – people who are posting almost every day, rather than just on special occasions or when something funny or cute is going on.